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New York based, Minneapolis-born soul / pop / R&B performer and songwriter Caleb Hawley will  independently release his self-produced Love, Drugs, & Decisions on September 15th. Raw lyrics and somber themes are sweetened by pop beats, androgynous vocals and sensuality inspired by the Minneapolis sound of the 80s and dance rock. Hawley writes about prescription drug culture, relating it to his battle with Tourette syndrome, depression, substance abuse and relationship struggles. His lyrics are introspective and observational, peering at the glamorous facades in society, addiction and alcohol, internet stalking and more. The result is a hard-fought battle towards redemption.

“I grew up in a home completely free of alcohol or drugs, and never had that black sheep uncle who might show me a logical reason to not to drink myself under the table on a daily basis or go looking to score some crack on skid row,” Hawley explains. “I thought I could just do these things and never have to pay a price in the end.  It tore my life apart, and a lot of this album comes from that and working to put it back together.”  

There is an underlying feeling of unity on Love, Drugs, & Decisions that colorfully shines through weighty topics. “We like to pretend we have our shit together,” says Hawley, “but there’s not a person on the planet that doesn’t have inner struggle.”

Hawley’s music is elevated by stellar live performances, backed by a slew of reviews noting his onstage charisma, and support from Minnesota Public Radio’s The Current. He forms authentic connections with an air of openness, soulful singalongs and untethered guitar work. His universal reach on Love, Drugs & Decisions is evident within keen pop writing that is equal parts conflict and triumph.